News – Good Friday 2021 – Milford Combined Churches

Members from the Anglican and Catholic Churches in Milford (St Paul’s and St Vincent’s respectively) joined with the congregation of the Milford Baptist Church (MBC) at MBC on Good Friday for a service led by ministers from the 3 churches.

The service was preceded by the procession of a cross through the main streets of Milford from St Paul’s, via St Vincent’s, to the Baptist church.

During the service, members of the congregation  laid candles around the cross, symbolising that Jesus, the light of the world, bore the cross for us.

Afterwards, the members got together over tea and coffee and traditional hot-cross buns.

Procession – Shakespeare Rd, Milford
Procession – Milford Main Street
Procession – Milford Main Street
GOOD FRIDAY 2021 – The procession of the Cross arrives at MBC

The congregation lay candles around the cross








Photographs by Keith Morgan and Larry Robbins

Good Friday at Milford Baptist Church
The congregation lay candles around the cross

News – Women’s Breakfast 15 May 2021

All women are invited to Breakfast at MBC on 15 May 2021 commencing at 9am.

Speaker: Staci McLean.

Staci will be speaking on her journey from addiction and hopelessness into freedom and healing.

Staci has been in recovery from alcohol addiction for over 22 years.

She is passionate about sharing her story and encouraging people to find freedom, healing and peace and to develop greater understanding of God’s love and grace.

Staci is the author of a number of books which will be available for purchase. Visit Staci’s website.


Tickets $10pp. RSVP by 9 May 

News – Men’s Breakfast 10 April 2021

The Men’s Breakfast at MBC on 10 April 2021 was well-attended. We enjoyed an excellent breakfast prepared by some of the women from the church (to whom we express our thanks) and heard a stimulating and encouraging talk from visiting speaker, Aaron Ironside. 


Speaker: Aaron Ironside

Aaron is a popular speaker at churches and conferences all over NZ. He has worked as a pastor, counsellor and chaplain – he really does care!

Drawing on his 25 years as a broadcaster and career as a stand-up comic, his talks are inspiring and entertaining.

If his name sounds familiar it may be from his time on the Morning Pirates breakfast show on Radio Hauraki in the late 1990s. He spent nearly 20 years on Christian Radio in NZ and Australia.

Aaron is husband to Debbi, and father to Shannon, Jackson and Emily. He loves low and slow BBQ, and enjoys the Warriors most seasons.

News – Carols in the Street

It was a beautiful early summer’s evening. A number of MBC members gathered in the “town square” on Milford’s main street and serenaded passers-by with a number of well-known Christmas carols.
MBC Members singing carols in Milford Photo – L.Robbins
(l-R) Lloyd Ashworth, Graham Judd, Jim

Photos – L.Robbins

Annual Kindergarten Christmas Service

The church was packed with parents, children, kindy staff and church members on 13 December for the annual Kindergarten Christmas service.
The service was excellent, with kids singing and behaving brilliantly; Robert Palmer reading the Christmas story.
Congratulations to Shelagh and her team for another successful year in Kindy. We appreciate your hard work.

Kindergarten website

The kindy appreciates the support of MBC member Keith Morgan who visits each week to read to the children. Keith was presented with a large Christmas card to thank him.

Keith Morgan – Thank You

Brian Lima

Brian D Lima Commissioned

6 Dec 2020.

At a service on 6 December Rev Dr Brian D Lima was commissioned into the pastorate of the church by Rev Rick Pierce of the Northern Baptist Association.
Brian, originally from Massachusetts in the USA, is married to Jo, a Kiwi. The couple relocated to New Zealand at the start of 2020 when Jo was appointed as Associate International Director with missions organisation Pioneers. Prior to relocating to New Zealand the couple served in Thailand for 7 years, Jo with Pioneers and Brian teaching at a Thai-led bible college.
In the service, Mr Pierce pointed out that “this is a very significant and special occasion in the life of this church” and added that he felt very much at home in the church as he had served here for several months during his ministry training some 15 years earlier.
Brian says that he is excited with the opportunity to serve in Milford and is looking forward to becoming a vital part of the Milford community.
The church was established on its current site in Dodson Avenue in 1912. Brian is the church’s 23rd minister.

Brian Lima (L) is commissioned by Rev Rick Pierce
Brian is commissioned by Rick PIerce
Photo – L.Robbins

Leaders of the church pray for Brian and Jo Lima
Members of the church pray for Brian and Jo
Photo K.Morgan

Church Dinner

28 November 2020. 70 members of the church enjoyed a dinner prepared by Ross and Barbara Parker and their families.

Entertainment was provided by Gulia Ah Key on the piano with vocals by John Cavander and Rodney Duncan.

Members of the church enjoy dinner on 28 November 2020
Members of the church enjoy dinner on 28 November 2020 – photo L.Robbins

Christmas Treats for Salvation Army

22 Nov 2020. In November the members of the church donated “treats” to be included in Christmas gifts for families supported by the Salvation Army.
The gifts were donated to Salvation Army Glenfield. Lorraine Brooks of the SA said she was so grateful for the gifts as they have 400 families that they will help this Christmas.

Christmas goodies donated by the church
Photo- L.Robbins

Treats ready to go to the Salvation Army – Photo L.Robbins

past sermon series

Milford Art Walk Easter 2018



If you would like to look again at the paintings shown on the Milford Easter Walk, click on the links below.

1. The Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci)

2. The Kiss of Judas (Giotto di Bondone)

3. Christ Before Pilate (Mihály Munkácsy)

4. Jesus Carrying the Cross (Raphael)

5. Via Crucis – Simon of Cyrene made to carry the cross (Felix Anton Scheffler)

6. The Crucifixion of Jesus (Paolo Veronese)

7. Christ of Saint John of the Cross (Salvador Dali)

8. Entombment (after Titian) (Colin McCahon)

9. The Burial of Jesus (Carl Heinrich Bloch)

10. Easter Sunday (He Qi)

11. The Resurrection Mural (Ron DiCianni)

past sermon series

Long Story Short at MBC

Long Story Short at MBC
3 May to 12 July 2017

Have you ever wondered what the Bible is really about?

Want to know more?

Come along for food, conversation and friendship.

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. Have you ever stopped to wonder why it has such a huge impact on history, culture and politics throughout the course of time?

There are places in the world where people risk their lives to get hold of a Bible. What makes this book so desirable and dangerous?

Starting 3rd May 2017: We invite you to join us at Milford Baptist Church, on Auckland’s North Shore, to have a look at the Bible through a video course called Long Story Short. Over 11 Wednesday evenings we will explore the history and content of the Bible so that you can make up your own mind about it.

The evening starts with a hot meal at 7pm, then we’ll watch the video and there will be time to talk about what we’ve seen. The sessions will finish at 9pm.

  • How much does it cost? Nothing, the food and course costs are already covered. You don’t pay anything.
  • How do I register for the course? Send an email to or send a message via our Facebook page.
  • Will I be asked difficult questions? No. You can ask whatever you like, and participate as much as you like, but no-one will put you on the spot or ask you difficult questions. This course is a chance for you to learn more and make up your own mind.
  • Do I have to join the church? No. This course is open to anyone, whether you have ever been to church or not. There is no pressure for you to join Milford Baptist Church or any other church.
  • I’d like to come but I don’t have transport to get to the church. If you’re living on the Shore, we’ll do what we can to help – send an email to
  • What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Honestly. We think the decisions you make about the content of the Bible is the most important one you will ever make – that’s why we want to share it with you !

To find out more about the course and preview some of the videos, visit Long Story Short.
To find us see Finding Us