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Milford Baptist Church Auckland New Zealand

About Milford Baptist Church

A friendly, dynamic and international group of people who are followers of Jesus.
We meet during the week in various homes and, of course, on Sundays, in the heart of Milford on Auckland’s North Shore.

Our Mission

  • Honouring God
  • Expressing His love
  • Making followers of Jesus.

Our Vision

We will achieve our mission through Worship, Equipping and Connecting the believers, intentionally Reaching the unchurched and Serving the people of our community.

  • Worship God in meaningful life-changing services fuelled by biblical preaching, appropriate music, and personal witness that honours God.
  • Equip members to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus through a comprehensive, intentional programme for life change.
  • Connect newcomers and members in close relationship through an expanding range of small groups.
  • Reach the unchurched people of the North Shore and the world with a vibrant local outreach and global missions programme.
  • Serve people with a community-care programme that meets the practical needs of people and families on the North Shore.

Our Values

  • Grounded in the Word of God – For us our authority is the Bible. This means we try to live out its teachings even when these conflict with our personal preferences.
  • Guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit – The role of the Holy Spirit in our lives is the advocate and encourager. We aspire to allow him to bring vitality and joy into our worship, and, through his direction and wisdom, guidance for our shared journey.
  • Growing through Strong Relationships – We believe that personal growth and development is best done in relationship. This is expressed in many and varied ways in our church life. Small groups, social and community activities, and mentoring and providing a safe place for children and families.
  • Eclectic in Worship Style – We aspire to celebrate in worship using the best of the old and tested hymns, and the best of new and contemporary worship songs and styles. Our intergenerational  services recognize the need to keep moving and growing with new forms and expressions of worship while not abandoning the rich heritage of yesteryear. We encourage participation, scripture reading, prayers and other creative contributions in our worship services.
  • International in Culture and Diversity – We celebrate our diversity of languages and cultures and the growing number of people attending our church from other countries. We see this as a way of celebrating the diversity of Gods kingdom. For those for whom English is not their main language we print Sunday messages in English for them to follow and take with them. Our intention is to be welcoming and inclusive.

Our History

The foundation stone of the original church was laid on 12 October 1912 and the church opened on Sunday 5 January 1913. The church celebrated its Centenary in 2013.

Exterior view of Takapuna Baptist Church, Auckland. Morrison, John M, fl 1883-1951: Photographs of Takapuna and Milford. Ref: PAColl-6494-23. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/22687753









Our Pastor, Dr Brian D Lima

Brian Lima
Dr Brian D Lima, Pastor, Milford Baptist Church

In December 2020, Milford Baptist Church (MBC) called Brian Lima to be their pastor. Brian has served for many years in ministry in several countries in Asia and has a passion to fan into flame the gifts God has given his people here in Milford.

After living in Japan for four years, Brian returned to North America to pursue further studies, and while in Canada, met Jo who was on leave from serving in East Asia. They met and married within six months! Their shared passion for God which led them both to Asia is a centre point of their marriage; after their marriage, they moved to Thailand for a number of years.

Brian and Jo returned to Jo’s native NZ in 2020 and are excited to serve at Milford. Jo serves as Associate International Director for Pioneers, an organization focused on church planting in more than 100 countries.

Brian’s desire is to serve the MBC family by sharing his love for God’s Word, God’s work in the world, and facilitating the development of the many gifts in the church. His background in theological education and love for the pastoral development of people means he is eager to invest and serve at Milford, trusting that

God will bless this community and their impact both locally and more broadly.

Commissioning service 6 December 2020 (Report)

Brian and Jo Lima

Our Leadership Team

Our church management is led by a Leadership Team who together with the pastor make decisions about church life.

The team is elected from the church members and serve for renewable terms.

The leadership team meet monthly.

On this team are people who have demonstrated leadership gifting for areas of church life including pastoral oversight and administration.

Larry Robbins
Larry Robbins – Chairman of the MBC Leadership Team
Robin Noble
Robin Noble – Church Treasurer
Eileen Barclay
Eileen Barclay – LT Member
Ross Parker
Ross Parker – LT Member

To contact the Leadership Team email or telephone the church office.









Our Global Mission

MBC has an active programme supporting Christian workers and organisations around the world.

Amongst others, as a church we support:

  • Refugee Resettlement Programme, Middle East
  • A student in Tripura, India as part of a Tranzsend project.
  • The Baptist Church in Tripura, India, their Mobile Bible School project.
  • Development programmes of the Baptist Church in Tripura, India.
  • The Churches Education Commission, Auckland, N.Z.
  • Reach Beyond and GMTA India radio programmes.
  • Mercy Ships, through Mercy Ships New Zealand.
  • NZ Hospital Chaplaincy (ICHC).
  • Pioneers, the Corin family Eastern Europe.
  • Tranzsend, the Meyer family, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Tranzsend NZ – General support through our annual Self Denial appeal.
  • Faith Bible Church; Dhaka Bangladesh.
  • Brothers in Arms; New Zealand mentoring programme for needy children ages 9 – 13
  • Youth With a Mission, (support for Kristy Lagarto)

    MBC Global Mission Flags
    MBC Global Mission Flags of the countries in which we support missionaries and organisations


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