News – Evergreens 28 July – ‘Power and Trickery as depicted in art’

Priscilla LowryPriscilla Lowry will bring us a talk entitled ‘Power and Trickery as depicted in art’.

Priscilla Lowry trained as a Home Economics teacher, specialising in textiles and gained her BA from Auckland University majoring in Art History and Education.

She was the owner and director of Gallery St John in Remuera which focused on hand worked silk, exhibiting everything from tiny exquisite items to wearable art. This period was followed by seventeen years in the UK where for six years she was the Director of the Schuster Gallery which specialized in illuminated manuscripts. During this time she obtained her MA in Medieval History from London University.

This was followed by almost constant travelling in the UK and abroad, teaching and giving lectures and workshops on working with silk. Concurrently, she wrote two books published in the UK on the history of silk and a third book, The World of Silk on her return to NZ. For the last ten years she has been teaching Medieval History at Auckland University and has continued to give talks and workshops, and judge for major exhibitions of textiles.

Evergreens is open to everyone but is primarily aimed at the over-60s. $2 donation towards morning tea. Meetings starts at 10am.


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