News – Men’s Breakfast 10 April 2021

The Men’s Breakfast at MBC on 10 April 2021 was well-attended. We enjoyed an excellent breakfast prepared by some of the women from the church (to whom we express our thanks) and heard a stimulating and encouraging talk from visiting speaker, Aaron Ironside. 


Speaker: Aaron Ironside

Aaron is a popular speaker at churches and conferences all over NZ. He has worked as a pastor, counsellor and chaplain – he really does care!

Drawing on his 25 years as a broadcaster and career as a stand-up comic, his talks are inspiring and entertaining.

If his name sounds familiar it may be from his time on the Morning Pirates breakfast show on Radio Hauraki in the late 1990s. He spent nearly 20 years on Christian Radio in NZ and Australia.

Aaron is husband to Debbi, and father to Shannon, Jackson and Emily. He loves low and slow BBQ, and enjoys the Warriors most seasons.

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