Sermons 2021

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26 December 2021Sermon for Boxing DayLUKE 2:22–40Brian D Lima
19 December 2021Advent – Peaceful PresenceLUKE 1:26–38Brian D Lima
12 December 2021Advent – Justice Brings Joy2 SAMUEL 7:8–14Brian D Lima
5 December 2021Advent – LOVEEXODUS 3:7-22 Brian D Lima
28 November 2021Advent – HOPEGENESIS 12:1–9Brian D Lima
21 November 2021As we approach AdventGENESIS 3:1-13Brian D Lima
14 November 2021What do you have to say about Jesus?JOHN 9:13–34  Brian D Lima
7 November 2021Are We Free?JOHN 8:31-47Brian D Lima
31 October 2021Dangerous RighteousnessJOHN 7:14-24Brian D Lima
24 October 2021Temporary HousingJOHN 7:1-13Brian D Lima
17 October 2021Courageous TrustJOHN 6:60-71Brian D Lima
10 October 2021The Challenge of GrowthJOHN 6:16-21Brian D Lima
3 October 2021God’s Mercy to AllJOHN 6:1-15Brian D Lima
26 September 2021Sharing the Right TestimonyJOHN 5:30-47Brian D Lima
19 September 2021Honour the SonJOHN 5:16-23Brian D Lima
12 September 2021Jesus Rewards FaithJOHN 5:1-15Brian D Lima
5 September 2021Praise the FatherJOHN 4:27-42Brian D Lima
29 August 2021Who are Children of God?JOHN 4:1-26Brian D Lima
22 August 2021Jesus the Light of TruthJOHN 3:1-21Brian D Lima
15 August 2021Responding to God’s GloryJOHN 2:13-25Brian D Lima
8 August 2021Doing Small Things with Great LoveJOHN 2:1-11Brian D Lima
1 August 2021Serving the Lord – WholeheartedlyNUMBERS 13,14Brian Michell
25 July 2021First followers of JesusJOHN 1:35-42Brian D Lima
18 July 2021The Humility of ChristJOHN 1:1–18Brian D Lima
11 July 2021Finishing Well ACTS 28:23-31Brian D Lima
4 July 2021You are the Salt of the EarthLUKE 14:34-35Frank Corin
27 June 2021Christians and ChaplainsMARK 2:1-8
Global Missions
Simon Greening
20 June 2021A Clear Conscience before GodACTS 24:1–21Brian D Lima
13 June 2021Jesus’ Greatest HitsGlobal MissionsAlan Jamieson
6 June 2021Living the Authentic LifeACTS 22:1-22Brian D Lima
30 May 2021Prayer Points from EphesusEPHESIANS 3:7–19Frank Corin
23 May 2021Hearing God’s VoiceACTS 16:6-10Jim Milmine
16 May 2021Guard Your Hearts!ACTS 15:1-11Brian D Lima
9 May 2021Lessons from Dorcas (Mothers’ Day)ACTS 9:36-42Brian D Lima
2 May 2021Philip and the Ethiopian EunuchACTS 8:26–40Chris Ayers
25 April 2021The Shepherd Heart of GodACTS 8:4-8Brian D Lima
18 April 2021Serving with CourageACTS 4:23-32Joanna Lima
11 April 2021The Easy Yoke of TestimoniesACTS 3:1-10Brian D Lima
4 April 2021They have crucified their King!ACTS 2:22Brian D Lima
28 March 2021The Importance of FamilyACTS 2:1-12Brian D Lima
21 March 2021Testify What You Have Known and Have SeenACTS 1:12-20Brian D Lima
14 March 2021The Metaphor of MarriageACTS 1:1-11Brian D Lima
7 March 2021Focussing on our NeighboursRUTH 2:1-13Brian D Lima
21 February 2021Global Missions – Kinsman Redeemer Brian D Lima
14 February 2021Follow Models of Faith in JesusPHILIPPIANS 4:4-9Brian D Lima
7 February 2021Stumbling Block in Church Brian D Lima
31 January 2021A model from TimothyPHILIPPIANS 2:19Brian D Lima
24 January 2021Zeal for God’s Work Brian D Lima
17 January 2021Servants with ChristPHILIPPIANS 2Brian D Lima
10 January 2021For Me To Live Is ChristPHILIPPIANS 1Brian D Lima
3 January 2021Called to be PriestsPHILIPPIANS 1Brian D Lima
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