Sermons 2019

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29 December 2019Ebenezer-Jehovah JirehBrian Michell
22 December 2019A Journey to BethlehemRodney Duncan
15December 2019The Greatest Commandment and Desiring GodChris Chalmers
1 December 2019Precious in God’s SightRodney Duncan
24 November 2019Why be a Christian in today’s worldLindsay Jones
17 November 2019Spiritual GiftsFrank Corin
3 November 2019God’s PerspectiveJohn Tucker
27 October 2019How to be churchDan Lake
20 October 2019Pendulum of GospelAlec Wallis
13 October 2019Titus 2TITUS 2Dan Lake
6 October 2019Know Your RanchDan Lake
29 September 2019Giving According to JesusRob Bellingham
22 September 2019How Did Jesus Pray?Rob Bellingham
15 September 2019Healing Like JesusRob Bellingham
8 September 2019The Words of JesusRob Bellingham
1 September 2019Can we live like Jesus?Rob Bellingham
25 August 2019The Supremacy of Christ – Rodney DuncanHEBREWS 3Rodney Duncan
18 August 2019The Most Disobeyed TextMATTHEW 16Murray Cottle
11 August 2019Mercy #5 FinalMyan Subrayan
4 August 2019The Lord is my shepherd – Ann MarieAnn Marie
28 July 2019Mercy #4Myan Subrayan
21 July 2019Mercy # 3 – Brave HeartMyan Subrayan
14 July 2019Mercy #2- Brave Heart Myan Subrayan
7 July 2019Life for LifeEd Karlsen
30 June 2019Mercy – Brave HeartMyan Subrayan
23 June 2019Main Thing #4Myan Subrayan
16 June 2019Main Thing #3Myan Subrayan
9 June 2019Main Thing #2Myan Subrayan
2 June 2019Main Thing #1Myan Subrayan
26 May 2019Let it go – Replace “if only” with “next time” #2Myan Subrayan
19 May 2019Let it go – Replace “if only” with “next time” #1Myan Subrayan (interim Pastor)
28 April 2019Six of the Best #5 FaithLloyd Ashworth
21 April 2019Six of the Best #4 You Raise Me UpLloyd Ashworth
14 April 2019Six of the Best #3 Falling forwards through failureLloyd Ashworth
7 April 2019Six of the Best #2 Sons and ServantsLloyd Ashworth
31 March 2019Six of the Best : 1 You are on a journey of Life ChangeLloyd Ashworth
24 March 2019The Story 27: The End of TimeLloyd Ashworth
17 March 2019The Story 26: Paul’s Final DaysLloyd Ashworth
10 March 2019The Story 25: Paul’s Life MissionLloyd Ashworth
3 March 2019The Story 24: New BeginningsLloyd Ashworth
24 February 2019The Story 23: The ResurrectionLloyd Ashworth
17 February 2019The Story 22 The Darkest HourLloyd Ashworth
27 January 2019God’s FaithfulnessLAMENTATIONS 3:23Murray Beck
20 January 2019Apostle ThomasFrank Corin
6 January 2019The Story 21: No Ordinary ManLloyd Ashworth